Workshops and Intensives

We provide a diverse range of inspiring and energetic circus and dance workshops and programs catering for all ages and skill levels. Combining technical sessions with creative  physical movement exercises and games, these classes are designed to cultivate new skills, build self esteem and promote cooperation while encouraging participants to be courageous and embody  their own creative expression.
Workshop packages are availble for corporate team building sessions, in schools, community festivals, social celebrations and private tuition.

Circus workshops- acrobalance, clowning, diabolo, juggling, hula hoops, fire spinning, object balancing, plate spinning, poi spinning, single and double staff, tumbling

African drumming workshops

Dance workshops- African dance, hip hop dance, swing dance, belly dance fusion, creative dance

Creative movement workshops

Costuming, circus equipment and small props workshops

Circus workshops

Workshops circus acrobalance nortsBenefits
- increased muscle strength, flexibility, fitness and stamina
- improved concentration, discipline, coordination, self awareness and teamwork
- enhanced self esteem through learning skills in a non-competitive environment


Also know as Adagio, this popular form is one of the favourites in circus around the globe. Learn the interesting and subtle dynamics involved this fusion of acrobatics and balancing lifts with a partner, and with group forms such as the pyramid.


Have fun and improve your concentration and coordination with juggling balls and scarves. Starting withone and working up to three balls, learn some great moves including the cascade and waterfall, and work on passing with a partner.

Hula hoops:

In this fun and energising workshop learn how to keep the hoop twirling round your waist, move it up and down the body, with neck, foot and arm spins. Get creative with the hoop with isolations, body rolls and shapes, and learn some great tricks such as the shazaam, which looks every bit as impressive as it sounds.

Workshops firetwirling poiFire spinning:

The following classes in fire spinning are offered; please note we do not use fire in the classes!! We teach you how to manipulate the various objects, and will instruct you in fire safety, but we will not actually be burning anything during workshops!


Taken from the ancient Polynesian practise of spinning poi, this is one of the trickier toys to master, and lots of fun when you do! The fire poi have wicks attached to heavy chains, but for workshops we use juggling balls inserted into socks, as they are much safer to use! There are a huge variety of tricks and combinations to learn including the butterfly, buzz saw, round the sun, weaves and isolations!

Single staff:

Learn the basics of spinning a staff, including figure 8s and rotors, and Learn over the shoulder moves just like Bruce Lee! With a strong focus on technique in the entire upper body, we will learn some great moves in these workshops and you’ll never be short of a new trick to master!

Workshops fire eatingBody burns, transfers and fire eating:

If you are a serious performer over 18 years of age, you may request personal workshops on working with fire. This is potentially dangerous as we are working with real fire, and although every step is made to ensure safety, it is possible you might burn yourself! As such while all requests will be considered, they will each be assessed as to whether we feel tuition is appropriate for the individual.

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African drumming workshops

- increase team work and cooperation, a great icebreaker
- improve communication skills, focus and clarity of thought
- promote leadership and equality in a creative and supportive environment
- enhanced sense of wellbeing, stress relief and rejuvination

Traditional West African Drumming is as much a part of every day life in Africa as sleeping and eating! With an emphasis on fun and teamwork, in these workshops participants will learn the various stroked used on the Djembe, how to work together to create amazing sounding rhythms, and an understanding of the various rhythms and how they communicate with each other.

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Dance workshops

- Increased fitness, strength,flexibility, body awareness, and coordination
- Improved concentration, learning capacity and focus
- Improved self esteem through learning skills in a supportive environment
- reduce stress and lower blood pressure, lose weight and gain energy!

Workshops African danceAfrican dance:

Incredible to watch and amazing to do! This form of dance is raw and highly energetic. Taking inspiration from traditional West African dances, students will gain an intellectual understanding of where the dance moves come from and how to communicate with the drum rhythms, while getting a thorough physical workout! They can then work together to create their own dance, which is a great team building exercise and gets the creative juices rolling!

Hip Hop dance:

With a seemingly endless development of moves and incredible body control, hip hop dance includes a variety of styles including breaking, locking and popping that were born by black and Latino Americans in the 1970s. While originating on the streets as a freestyle form and in ‘battles’, it has been taken up by the wider community and is now appreciated across the globe as a respectable and highly unique form of creative expression.

Workshops tribal bellydance fusionBelly dance fusion:

With a distinctive foundation originating from American Style Tribal bellydance (or ATS) this exotic and hypnotic dance form is a fusion of Middle Eastern bellydance, hip hop, tribal fusion, and contemporary dance. Ethnic costumes combined with modern gothic styling, along with technical and creative movement workshops, make for a stunning feast of movement and texture.

Creative dance:

As taught by Mangala Studios, the strength and benefit of this style of dance and teaching is that it is based on developing the individuals’ own dancing. Once the dancers have learnt to connect to their own creative abilities through the dance, they are able to draw from the inexhaustible supply of inspiration provided by music and indeed, the world about them.

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Creative movement workshops

- enhanced body and spatial awareness
- tap into the participants’ own body vocabulary and access their creativity.
- generate trust and support with each other and develop communication skills
This fun and dynamic class takes participants on a unique and personal journey from simple movements, through a series of interactive creative exercises, before evolving into developing their own movement vocabulary. Including elements of physical theatre, yoga, team building games and theatre sports, the end result is a choreography that has spontaneously grown from their own inner landscapes.

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Costuming, circus equipment and small props workshops

Workshops costumingPutting on a show? As a great inclusion to an intensive week of movement workshops, Tjoni can help students to design and make their own costumes for a super fantastic show presentation to show off their talents!

Skills taught will depend on age group and class size, and include basic clothes making, cutting out, altering existing clothing, sewing, adding trims, appliqué techniques and fabric painting as required.

In addition, and depending on numbers and resources, students can make their own circus equipment such as juggling balls, juggling scarves, hula hoops, poi and practise staves.

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