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Tjoni J in Cirque Mystique Fire show @ Peninsula, Melbourne, August 2011
"fire show was a huge success with the students really enjoying the show and the night as a whole."

Tjoni J Roving Fire with Cirque Mystique @ Melb Gaol, Melbourne, August 2011
"Please pass on my gratitude to the performers for really engaging and impressing our staff at the function."

Eccentrix & Magic Theatre Production, Can Can Cabaret, Northcote, October 2009

Hi Tjoni, Thank you for inviting me. I loved the whole vibe and idea and I enjoyed all of your performances very much.
Kind regards,
-Ms Sherridan Green, Creative Producer, Gasworks Arts Park

Eccentrix & Magic Theatre Production, Can Can Cabaret, Northcote, October 2009

Thank you for the invitation and your follow up. I was especially impressed with Cornelius Winterbottom and the other MC, the gentleman on stilts. Hopefully we will be able to utilize some of the events showcased on the night. Good luck with developing your event.
Kindest regards,
-Yvonne Wilson, Secretariat, ISES Melbourne

Eccentrix & Magic Theatre Production, Can Can Cabaret, Northcote, October 2009

Thank you again for having us and letting me see the new generation and have no fear I can read between the lines.
The one thing which was really great was the willingness to have a go, to succeed in some part and to fail in others. This bravery is something that happened in the early days of comedy in Australia and I was also lucky to be a part of these beginnings.
Today people play it safe and if you don't dare, you don't really get to somewhere special. I will be happy to help out as I mentioned and as my background is in comedy, cabaret, theatre, film, TV and radio. Anyway well done as the start and onward and forward
-Yours Bettina, Upfront Entertainment

Eccentrix & Magic Theatre Production, Can Can Cabaret, Northcote, October 2009

Thanks for the invite to a great night, and what an enormous undertaking. I had a wonderful time full of surprises. I hope it worked out well for you investing all the time and effort well done on your own performing too a far cry from The Teddy Bear's Picnic I have to say. Enjoy the spring weather ... keep in touch
-David Wells

Eccentrix @ Homehouse, August 2009

Eccentrix has performed for us several times and left the public breathless. The girls have always shown complete professionalism but adapted to our venue and the public perfectly. Their fire show is amazing and we would never grow tired of watching the girls demonstrate their show stopping skills.
Well done Eccentrix, can't wait to have you back.
-Kym Robertson
Home House Nightclub, Administration & Promotions Manager
mob 0400 989 125

Eccentrix @ Burlesque Bar, Fitzroy, August 2009

Thanks for Friday's performance!  It was original and great, everyone attending obviously thought so as well, and there seemed to be a really nice atmosphere.
Warm regards and thanks,
-Emma-Lee, Burlesque Bar

Zagawa @ cultural celebration, Millennium restaurant, Brunswick, May, 2009

Regarding the fire show performed by Tjoni at our cultural event. I'd like to thank Eccentrix and Tjoni for being so understanding for adhering to our cultural needs in terms of dress code. Despite the mishaps on the night on our behalf, from the wrong music being played to the performance not being on schedule, a great performance was still delivered. Due to the problems on the night, we had Tjoni performing to music she hadn't performed to before and having to change her choreography accordingly, ON THE SPOT. As an audience, these problems went unnoticed as it Tjoni made do with our restrictions and delivered an excellent performance which was greatly appreciated by all member of the audience.
-Elvan, Client

Blazin Hussies @ Private Wedding, Kew RSL, Jan 2009

Hi Tjoni! Just a quick email to extend yet another big THANK YOU for lighting up our wedding reception on Saturday night!  You girls - and your techs - were INCREDIBLE!  Everyone was blown away and many people asked for your details.  You really did make our night the most memorable of all nights and we cannot thank you enough.  We got lots of wicked photos....  I should also mention that you broke a few hearts, you sexy thangs!!
-Elizabeth Pape, Client

HHQ Variety Show @ Roarhouse, 303 Bar, Nov 2008

Next was some sultry burlesque – something liquid to make us relaaxxxx. Our drink orders were filled in the form of the vivacious HHQ Incorporate, or to the uninitiated Hussies Head Quarters Combining the most tantalising of the Blazing and Flaming Hussies, these angel-winged circus skilled sirens mix skills and thrills in a show filled with hula moves, can-can kicks and a teasing modesty screen- on stage, HHQ are clever, funny, sexy yet still sweet as spun sugar.

Blazin’ Hussies @ A night in the dark, Telstra Dome, Sep 2008

I wish to express to you how sincerely grateful I am for your performance at A Night
In The Dark held on the 13th of September 2008 at the Telstra Dome. It is Due to the professional excellence of your performance, your enthralling character and enlightening energy on and off stage that allows an event like this to shine. You are a catalyst for your fellow performers to be inspired and for the crowd of guests to walk away with high praise for the night, and for the brand name “A Night In The Dark”, and the cause of the Lighthouse Foundation.
I value your efforts in supporting this event and help us raise in excess of $45,000, which is amazing for a start up event and can only mean a successful future. You are highly regarded by my company Urban Cirque, by the promoter Xen and by
Lighthouse and we will book you with out hesitation as future events arise.
- MatthewHills (Urban Cirque)

Blazin’ Hussies @ Roarhouse -  June 2008

"This letter is in recognition of the fantastic performance delivered to an extremely enthusiastic Roarhouse crowd by the Blazin’ Hussies at our Annual Crazy Chix Showcase.

As Roarhouse is a non-profit organisation, we rely greatly on the generosity of volunteers and performers to help showcase the myriad talents within those sectors of the communityu not usually promoted, The Blazin Hussies no only kindly donated their time and energy to this community event, but also happily altered their original performance piece to fit in with the staging dimensions and restrictions of the space. And with these changes, at no point was the exuberance, colour, showmanship and downright sassiness of their performance compromised.

We’re not only grateful to have had the opportunity to showcase the Blazin Hussies., but we’re also excited to include these vibrant women in our social network, where more opportunities for performance and community involvement lie. Roar can happily recommend this show as exciting, energetic, colourful, filled with fun and a please for any audience."

- Marjetka Mc Mahon (Roarhouse)

Blazin Hussies @ The Glasshouse May  2008

"The Blazin' Hussies gave a fabulous highlight to our night. Excellent, professional, entertaining and fun!"

- Isabel Hertaeg - Cabaret Artist, Producer, 'Stop Drop Cabaret'

Blazin Hussies @ Abode –March 2008

"Eccentrix - Spiky, edgy and on the move. These girls set the flames on fire. I liked the performance very much and more importantly the audience liked it even better. I'm sure we will be working together again in the near future."

-The Colonel - Primal People & ABODE

Blazin Hussies @ Rainbow Serpent –January 2008

“The performer’s stage at Rainbow serpent festival 2008 was for the first time graced by the professional and highly talented duo “Blazin’ Hussies”. Audiences were held spellbound by this glitz and glam, flaming extravaganza!
In a dynamic blend of dance, delightful costume and impressive fire tricks, accompanied by carefully selected music, cabaret fire theatre under the stars, took place.
From us on the performance co-ordination team I would like to extend our appreciation for a great show and the joy that these girls are to work with.
I am sure this year has many exciting, creative and professional developments in store for them, and I look for ward to receiving their proposal again next year.”

Summer Joy Blair - Performance Coordinator, Rainbow serpent festival

Blazin Hussies @ Givin' it up for the kids –March 2008

I booked The Blazin' Hussies for Giving It Up For The Kids to be held at the Northcote Uniting Church hall as I was highly entertained when I saw them perform at another event last month. I thought their ability to combine theatre, dance and fire and create an entertaining and unique show was amazing and something that I know audiences would enjoy.  I have seen a lot of performance art over the years so I can be a tough critic but these girls have got amazing talent and are professional to work with.  I would not hesitate to recommend them for any performance work and hope to maintain a working relationship with them.

Erin Nicholson - Director, FunFit Junior Fitness

Bellatrix Solo fire @ Beechworth Celtic Festival - November 2007

“Beechworth residents were mesmerized by the fancy feet and hand moves of a fire twirler who helped launch the town’s Celtic Festival last night.
Melbourne’s Tjoni Johansen had the crowd in the palm of her hand as she danced and twirled with fire sticks, all to the sounds of Beechworth’s drumming circle.”

-Sarah Dean (Beechworth local paper)

Tjoni w/ Cirque Mystique @ Good Afternoon Festival, Traralgon. 

“Both performers were great on the day. They were both very friendly and easy going and we really appreciated their flexibility in working on the day, for example not sticking to performance times.
 Tjoni’s fire eating even in the day was great to watch. She created a great atmosphere at night as people from all around the park could see what she was doing. Her creativity and unique fire eating definitely impressed all who watched.
Cirque Mystique were a great help from day one. They tailor made the performances to suit our festival and gave great advice on what would work. Promotion In Motion really feel Cirque Mystique added to the success of The Good Afternoon Festival.”

- Sam Dennis - Promotion in Motion

Blazin’ Hussies @ Ivanhoe Civic Centre, November 2006

“Regarding your performance on Friday, the feedback received was extremely overwhelming. You are a true professional and certainly contributed to making the
event a successful one.
Thank you once again “

- Tiziana Premoselli - Banyule City Council

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