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Lift the mood at any occasion with our dazzling roving entertainers. Excellent for meet and greet at your event, for interaction with your guests, or to add zest to a festival or party for an uplifting atmosphere.


Roving fire is a fabulous way to warm up the crowds. Is best at night time but can still be used during the day to great effect, especially fire eating. Any of the characters in the fire show listings can be used as roving entertainers, or let us know if you have any special requests.


African and tribal bellydance

African dance is an energetic and intoxicating form of dance perfect to enliven a festival, party or any event needing a dynamic atmosphere.



For some hilarious saucy showpony action get the showgirls on board to delight your guests with gorgeous costumes, giddy headspinning wit and silly showgirl shenanigans.


April the 8 foot Doll

Roving Stilt Act
This 8 foot doll tiptoes through the audience with grace and ease on her tiny pin legs, she is a darling vision of innocence and beauty until she catches a glimpse of something she doesn’t like… her dress flips upside down like a hood over her head revealing an underside of cobwebs, spiders, snakes, blood, skulls, and other nasty things, she screams like a banshee and all of a sudden…. the dress flips back and she is the beautiful doll again.


The BOGOLON roam the earth with their story………
Like shifting sands of time, they stop to play, pose and freeze to the mirage of your imagination.
They are mysterious intriguing characters and their play is sure to captivate people of all ages.

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