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Floor Shows


Up up and away in my beautiful my beautiful balloon,... ...the external becomes repressed and the internal comes out to play in this beautiful, dark and unnerving piece of theatrix.

Booty Battalion

Booty Batallion

Comprising of 5 sassy dancers and 1 hot as hell singing diva, Booty Battalion brings you an all girl, all dancing, gritty, modern day cabaret explosion.


H.H.Q. (hussies head quarters)

Take a bizarre step back in space and time... be enchanted by a plethora of characters and acts. Be excited, be delighted, perhaps even a little disturbed, by this extravaganza.

Zombie bellydance burlesque


Zee ancient goddess of curves is here to tantalise, titillate.... and possibly torment you as she shakes shimmies snakes and shudders her way through this mesmerising tribal bellydance inspired act....

Burlesque slapstick comedy

Let Them Eat Cake

Be delighted by these delectable cucumber sandwich scoffing, pie throwing delicous beauties teasing you with their surprising hooping shenanigans set to a sublimely ridiculous soundtrack...

roving interactive fortune teller tarot reader

The Amazing Desmerelda

Ahhh daaahhlink, you look like you need a future.....now just relax, this won't hurt a bit...



Rapskallywags is a hilarious  theatrical hoola hooping romp performed to one of Melbournes finest gypsy ensembles


Showgirl Shenanigans

Ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes? For some triple s entertainment (saucy sexy and silly) jump on board the crazy train and take a ride to the madcap world ...


Sueno De Rosalina

Quirky, saucy and innovative seducer of cleaning implements, Rosalina (The Mexican cleaning lady) dreams of fame, fortune, stardom and love in a glittering frenzy of cabaret, burlesque...


Tangle Du Stardust

Take an unusual trip into another world with the bizarre faerie antics of Tangle du Stardust. Down on her luck, she’s been....


The Nor'Ts

NOR T1 and NOR T2 do a hand clapp'n, booty whack'n, slap stick'n, eyeball lick'n, acrobatic extravaganza! Sublime Meets The Ridiculous! Just as the name suggests, this ......

T1 & T2

T1 & T2 Do Trix!!!

Take a couple of cheeky clowns, with illusions of grandeur and more pride than sense, throw in some audience participation, a few zany dance moves, a frantic and bizarre soundtrack, and…well you start to get the idea.

Tinkle and Plonk

Tinkle and Plonk

Duo acro show that stars two unlikely balance partners. Plonk, an extremely strong man who is oh so sensitive and Tinkle, a dim witted ta-da a girl who has something of a temper...

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