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Tjoni Johansen – founder of Eccentrix, managing director, choreographer, performer

With a background in the performing arts spanning over 30 years, Eccentrix founder, Tjoni Johansen, has had an eclectic journey through show business, and has collected a wealth of experience, talent and inspiration to draw upon, both on and off the stage.

As a performer she has come to the forefront of her field in the past 7 years, focusing on Fire performance, African dance, Tribal bellydance and Physical Theatre. Having worked with a number of companies including Cirque Mystique, FEET theatre, The Magic Theatre and Fireworks Dance Co, Tjoni has also produced many of her own 1-5 person acts for corporate functions, community festivals and other theatrical events around Australia.

Behind the scenes she is also at home with 20 years under her belt of stage management, lighting and sound operation, makeup, production, direction, marketing and management, 15 years running a costume design business. as well as producing the Can Can Cabaret in 2009, to showcase local performing and fine arts talent.

Her work as a teacher began as soon as she mastered the art of fire, and she has been teaching and developing workshops for school students, festivals, and the general public, for over 6 years. Born out of a genuine desire to share her passion and skill with others, and help students access their own inner teacher and creativity, Tjoni’s workshops are created on a foundation of respect, inclusivity, encouragement and ultimately, joy.

Having recently completed Annie Steiners’ 3 month ‘Total Theatre’ course in Perth, including drama, aerials, singing, circus, Comedia del arte, dance and martial arts, Tjoni is excitedly adding new elements to her unique program to bring you the best in enjoyment, skill, team building and creativity.

Talulah Rae - Core member of Eccentrix, performer, producer, choreographer and founder of sister company 'The Magic Theatre'

Toni has been performing in one form or another  her entire life.  With twelve years of gymnastics behind her and many years of Jazz, Classical, Modern ballet and theatre training, she has always loved fire and discovered the art of fire dancing at an early age. She spins single and double staff, poi, foxtail, fire ropes and fire hoola hoops, and has performed with many an exotic fire toy including fire fans, gloves, fingers, skipping rope, wings, parasol, eating torches and geometric shapes.

With a background in theatre and dance her performance is a fusion of many different styles, most recently including Latin and burlesque. Over the past ten years Toni has  performed with many fire and dance troupes and led workshops in the creative and performing arts throughout Australia and Internationally. She has also been involved in all aspects of performance production including costume making and design,  jewellery, choreography, make-up and hair design.

We are blessed to be joined by a small number of other independant entertainers and producers in Melbourne, hand picked for their wonderful skill and enthusiasm, to bring you the latest brave, stimulating and endearing works of performance art.

Brendan Angelo - fire safety technician and performer

Brendan has been involved in firedancing since 2004 and is proficient with a range of fire disciplines including single staff, double staff, fire fans and poi. With a background in martial arts, it is common to find his style of firedancing to be more Oriental in execution.

Brendan began working with Eccentrix in January 2008 for the Rainbow Serpent Festival and has continued to work with them since. His chief role is as safety technician, and Eccentrix looks forward to extending his role to fire performer later this year.

Fokus aka Bill La

Fokus’ love of all things fiery began with an interest in juggling some years ago. A friend suggested he try fire twirling instead as the other jugglers were tired of ducking…and the rest is flaming history!

His background in martial arts and capoeira add an element of  excitement and suspense to his unique style, and his dedication to his craft really show in the fluidity and apparent ease of his movements. With an often cheeky demeanour and a passion for sharing with others he is a hit with the kids both young and old alike!!

He has performed extensively around the country at festivals, corporate events and parties, including at Rainbow Serpent, National Gallery, , Earthcore, St Kilda Town Hall, Ceres Environment Park.

Other Performers

Eccentrix create an eclectic variety of solo and duo shows, and other wonderful performers are dragged in by the follicles to play when needed, including some wonderful drummers, fire artists and dancers in the Melbourne performing arts scene.

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